Green Burial Now Available at Spring Grove Cemetery!


It’s official! Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio — one of the nation’s oldest and most respected cemeteries — is opening a green burial section this summer. I’m particularly excited since this is taking place just miles from my home, and also because I’ve had the chance to offer some ideas and resources to the folks at Spring Grove as they made their plans and preparations to open this new section to the public.

The significance of Spring Grove choosing to include full-body green burial among its consumer options should not be underestimated. With 733 acres of protected land in the midst of a major American city, Spring Grove is the second-largest cemetery in the U.S. It is operated as a non-profit cemetery and arboretum, and is also a designated National Historic Landmark. In fact, I believe this has the potential to be a game-changer in the cemetery industry, opening the door to natural burial in an unprecedented way, since Spring Grove has always been something of a trend-setter among larger, more historic, “garden cemetery” type burial grounds in the U.S. (

Spring Grove opened a lovely, wooded section for Creamation area more colorgreen burial of cremains a few years ago (see photo).